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System Administrator

Location: Portland, Oregon
Job # 4291082
Title: System Administrator

Location: Portland, OR

Duration: 1+ year

Position Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide advice and assistance to customers, troubleshoot problems, and provide support in a manner that minimizes interruptions in customers; ability to carry out critical business activities.
  • Coordinate with the business users and perform the installation of AURORA upgrades and patches as supplied by the vendor, EPIS.
  • Serve as a technical advisor to client users and professionals and maintain open positive communications with clients.
  • Troubleshoot performance and availability problems for applications.
  • Provide User Account management to ensure that only authorized employees are able to access the applications. Grant user rights based on the requirements of the positions and the functional business needs.
  • Participate in user/stakeholder interviews and joint requirements planning sessions. Create requirements documentation; review with user representatives, recommend priorities and obtain user signoff. Manage the requirements documentation created and map it to specific software releases.
  • Analyze and develop solutions for maintaining complex MS Access and MS Excel-based applications.
  • Define requirements for data cleanup routines that maintain data integrity.
  • Develop clear and concise application documentation, including process flows.
  • Create new documentation for all changes and enhancements.
  • Provide communication to key process stakeholders across the agency
  • Monitor and analyze system log and data import files for errors and anomalies.
  • Perform regular data validations to ensure the accuracy and completeness of each
  • month's billing data in support of the Customer Billing Center application.
  • Automate complex tasks using primarily Visual Basic, VBScript, Excel macros or other supported scripting language.
  • Coordinate Scrum reporting of team members by reviewing their daily status reports and following up with them to ensure they report their daily work accomplishments correctly and completely.
  • Maintain the Agency Commercial Systems; application support Sprint backlog.
  • Update the tasks in the Sprint backlog with the points reported in the daily Scrum reports. Add to the Sprint backlog ad-hoc support tasks that come up afterSprint planning. Ensure all defects, enhancements, releases and application support tasks in the Sprint backlog are entered into client';s system for tracking operations and maintenance work (e.g., CRM) and show the associated tracking number in the Sprint backlog. Operate master consoles to monitor the performance of computer systems and networks, and to coordinate computer network access and use.
  • Monitor application performance to determine whether adjustments need to be made,and to determine where changes will need to be made in the future.
  • May monitor and test Web site performance to ensure Web sites operate correctly and without interruption.
  • Maintain the Energy Efficiency Summarizer spreadsheet templates that customers use to submit their energy efficiency program data into client';s Energy Efficiency system.
  • Compile regular user access audit reports for the Customer Billing Center application in support of A-123 requirements to ensure that all user access changes in Production are approved by the Information Owner, Information System
  • Owner or their delegates.
  • Create SQL queries and/or stored procedures to produce reports or validate data
Position Requirements:


Bachelor of Science in Information/Computer Technology or a related technical discipline is preferred.
5 - 9 years combination of education, certifications and/or work experience in Computer/Information Technology or related field is required. Applicable certifications will count towards 1 year of experience and each applicable college degree will count towards 2 years of experience.

2+ years of experience using Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, or greater is required.
Experience using Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010 or greater, including Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint and Access is required.
2+ years of experience using SQL2008R2 or greater is preferred.
Experience using Microsoft SharePoint 2010 or greater is preferred.

General Requirements

Knowledge of and skill in applying

Effective communication, both verbally and in writing
Communication skills including training and technical documentation
Software design concepts and methods sufficient to configure and support technical architecture for COTS based applications systems.
Working knowledge of SQL databases and SQL scripting.
Working knowledge of Windows OS and batch scripting.
Working knowledge of MS Excel macros
Working knowledge of .NET development 
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