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On-Call Dental Hygienist

Location: Seattle, Washington
Job # 4843011
These duties are performed under the immediate supervision of a Dentist:
Perform soft-tissue curettage.
Give injections of a local anesthetic.
Place restorations into a tooth prepared by a dentist.
Administer nitrous oxide analgesia.
These duties are performed under general supervision:
Assist in planning and conducting preventive health programs.
Conduct in-service workshops for community groups.
Apply dental sealants and other topical preventive agents in clinical and community-based settings.
Maintain statistics and records of oral health status of targeted groups.
Develop oral health educations materials.
Perform other clinical duties as allowed by the Washington State Dental Practice Act, RCW 18.32.
Knowledge of methods and techniques used in dental hygiene
Knowledge of preventive dentistry and soft tissue management
Knowledge of the terminology, materials, equipment and instruments used in dentistry
Knowledge of dental radiographic techniques, principles and equipment
Knowledge of the Washington State Dental Practice Act regarding duties that may be performed by dental hygienists
Knowledge of Seattle/King County Department of Public Health principles and practices in community oral health care settings
Communication skills (oral and written)
Skill in establishing working relationships in a team setting involving oral health care providers, staff, clients, parents, school officials and community leaders
Skill in learning and applying principles of early childhood education
Skill in learning and accurately providing information on oral hygiene and maintenance of oral health
Skill in conducting preventive oral health care programs
Skill in making presentations to professional and community groups on topics related to preventive oral health techniques and programs
Skill in performing basic dental hygiene tasks
Skill in working with diverse populations, ages and cultures
Licenses and Certificates:
Completion of two-year dental hygiene program.
Washington State Dental Hygiene license.
Washington State Driver’s License
Location: Seattle
Duration: Have assignments daily. We provide temporary Dental Hygienists staffing.
Rate: $38
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