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Web Developer

Location: Seattle, wa
Job # 5929862

 Core Assignment: Convert department HR database from Access to Web/Sql server based application.

Currently using Microsoft Access application  that needs to be upscaled/upgraded to host the data (which has already been normalized) in SQL Server and the front end will be upscaled from Access forms and VBA to a website built in using
 Core Knowledge/Skills/Tasks:
 1. Working knowledge of Access 2010
a. Knowledge of Access Sql
b. Ability to read VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)code
c. Knowledge of binding objects to data (e.g.: forms to tables or queries)
d. Extending properties thru code or thru intellisense
 2. Working knowledge of SQL Server 2008 including:
a. TSql
b. Creating Stored Procedures
c. Creating of views
d. Security (using existing tables)
e. Experience with uploading data from Access
 3. Working knowledge of Visual Studio 2012 (using as the coding language)
a. Using proper connection tools, connection strings, etc to Database on SQL Server 2008
b. Crating forms
c. Creating Data grids
d. Binding grids and forms to data or stored procs
e. Creating tables or datagrids or excel spreadsheets for reporting/downloadable data (into Excel format)
f. Creating/modifying Web configuration files
g. Knowledge of HTML
h. Experience with and
i. Experience with TFS
 4. Working knowledge of IIS :
a. Creating IIS configuration, etc for website
 5. Misc. nice to haves:
a. Documentation skills
b. Training skills
Location: Seattle
Duration: 2 months

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