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Project Manager

Tacoma, WA
Client needs an experienced Contract Project Manager with knowledge of business process reengineering in Human Resources (HR), ERP SAP/HRMS, Microsoft Active Directory, Information Technology Support, and General Business Administration.
2.0 Project Overview
There are many steps to separating a staff member, and if not completed correctly, may continue to allow access to client systems. When staff separate, it is unclear how to administer client property and the physical and digital records the staff leaves behind. Critical communications to HR, Retirement, Information Technology and Facilities Departments, as well as other groups, regarding the separation of an employee are created ad hoc.
Although IT solutions are a critical piece of the separation process, a team has been assigned to first evaluate business processes to address all issues related to employee off-boarding.
2.1 Project Scope
Building upon the successes associated with the Employee Onboarding Project, this project addresses the process steps for off-boarding staff, both employees of the client and contractors, from departmental notification of the need to separate staff to the final step of record disposal and access removal.
Scope: The process begins when a manager or supervisor determines the need to separate staff or when staff submits their notice to separate. The process ends when all client property has been returned, access to client systems is removed, and the final payment and/or benefits are determined.
Scope includes separations of employees and contractors in all departments and divisions throughout the client. It includes those who pro-actively give notice, suddenly quit, or are terminated.
Deliverables include:
• Electronic form (reduce paper forms; increase “ease of use”; reduce duplicate entry; reduce potential for errors)
• Electronic workflow (reduce processing time; increase visibility of processing status)
• Standardized checklist of off-boarding activities
• Metrics (improve data necessary for process improvements)
• Provide clear communication to department/division staff and service providers involved in the off-boarding process
• Process standardization (reduce variability across the departments/divisions)
• Interfaces with existing systems (SAP and Active Directory)
• Notifications with service providers and/or their systems will be completed through email
The goals of the project and benefits to be measured are defined in three categories:
1. 0 inactive/inappropriate accounts in Active Directory, SAP, and other client systems
2. client-wide Standard Operating Procedure regarding the end-to-end separations process
3. Reduced risk from inappropriate access to client systems
4. Reduce the time required to request and track Active Directory (AD) account, SAP account, SAP role request, email, badge, computer, phone, and facilities services

The Contract Project Manager should be experienced in enterprise-wide human resource projects, characterized by high organizational impact, multiple project dependencies and multiple stakeholders with varying business backgrounds and interests. In addition to managing the initiation, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and close-out, the project manager will provide executive level support, facilitate strategic business decisions, and provide leadership to project staff across departmental boundaries.
The Project Manager should be able to work independently as a seasoned project management professional. They should be familiar with multiple project management practices and approaches and capable of optimizing selections tailored to fit the project and stakeholder needs. The project manager should apply various facilitation, team leadership, and conflict management techniques to create a productive and results-oriented project team.
Location: Tacoma
Pay rate: $65 per hour.
Start: Mid March 2018 through December 2018

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