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MEAN Stack Programming Teacher (Part-time via Online)

Any, Any
We are looking for people that LOVE TEACHING. We make it a mission to seek out teachers who can infect, infuse and inspire with passion, wisdom, positivity, and humor. They show students how to love what they do, and how to better love who they are.
Must be able to solve coding problems and work through solutions real-time and online.  Students will be beginning programmers in foreign developing countries who have good English skills.  Applicant must have portfolio showing relevant web dev skills.  Job interview will require a demonstration of teaching ability.
Will work closely with one or more onsite teaching assistants to guide students through a rigorous, transformational journey towards becoming full-stack developers. Teaching environment will be project-based where results will be measured by team participation in group projects along with the completion of the project.  Curriculum will be provided, but teacher input on curriculum design will be accepted.  
Applicant should have skill in:
1)    HTML5 and CSS3
2)    JavaScript including DOM manipulation with jQuery 
and in at least 2 of the following:
1)    JS MV* frameworks:         Angular or Backbone
2)    SQL databases:             SQL Lite or MySQL
3)    NoSQL:                 MongoDB
4)    Object-oriented languages:    Ruby, C# or Python
Duration of each course:     1-3 months (Depending on Cohort plan)
Location:             Will teach online during evenings 2-3 nights/week
Hours:             15-20 hours a month (counting class prep)


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