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Administrative Assistant I

Seattle, WA
Core competencies and skill sets:

  *   Calendaring:
     *   Fully manage manager calendar with both internal and external meetings
     *   Applying judgement as to priorities, as well screening and understanding the purpose of requested meetings and including same in the calendar
     *   Applying calendaring parameters 
     *   Attaching/Including all related materials for each meeting
     *   Responding to all meeting invites and requests promptly and fully, either electronically or on the phone, so people know the status of their request.
     *   Setting up and managing all virtual meetings and technology to enable those meetings.
     *   For direct manager meeting - sending me texts/reminders when there are last minute calendar changes, and/or early/late meetings manager may not otherwise see.

  *   Phone:
     *   Answering all phone calls received for manager with high service levels (one's assistant is an extension of the person they are supporting).
     *   Many calls will be from senior business, community and government leaders.
     *   Place outgoing calls, as needed, to set-up meetings, follow-up on requests from me.
     *   Setting up and managing all voice conference calls and associated technology to enable those calls

  *   General Support:
     *   Meeting with manager daily to review the calendar and any open issues/questions.
     *   Managing all documents (mostly electronic) in an organized system that is accessible to both of us.
     *   Excellent computer proficiency in calendaring, WORD, PPT, EXCEL, and other standard PHSKC programs.
     *   Ability to work in a high pace, business environment without losing focus, productivity or customer service.
     *   Ability to perform all tasks and role in a virtual, work from home, environment without distractions
     *   Ability to work in and manage high levels of confidentiality.
     *   Sense of humor!

Duration: 5 months
Location: work from home (occasionally come into the downtown Seattle Office)
Pay: $29.09 per hour


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