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Network Security Specialist

Great Falls, Montana
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The Network Security Analyst duties include planning and implementing security measures to protect computer systems, networks and data. Information security analysts are expected to stay up-to-date on the latest intelligence, including hackers' methodologies, in order to anticipate security breaches. Self-driven and able to work well as part of a team or individually, a successful Network Security Analyst is an analytical thinker with a drive to solve problems. They think well on their feet and can be proactive in challenging situations.

Network Security Analysts conduct periodic network monitoring and intrusion detection analysis to determine if there have been any attacks on the system. They analyze network traffic to identify anomalies, and test the information security controls for weaknesses.
If malicious activity has been detected in the system, the Network Security Analyst takes mitigating actions to contain the activity and minimize damage. They may also facilitate forensics analysis to determine the source of the threat.
Network Security Analysts design and implement new safeguards to protect the system. They work with other IT teams to implement the new safeguards, whether it is in the form of software, hardware, or new operating procedures.
The Network Security Analyst works with stakeholders at all levels of the organization to communicate the state of information security, inform of possible risks, and suggest ways to improve security.
Network Security Analysts must stay on top of emerging threats and vulnerabilities in IT security.  They conduct research, and attend conferences, professional association meetings and technical symposia to gain awareness of the latest information security technological developments.
Demonstrates the ability to deal with pressure to meet deadlines, to be accurate, and to handle constantly changing situations.
 Demonstrates the ability to deal with a variety of people, deal with stressful situations, and handle conflict.
Education/Experience Requirements:
A bachelor’s degree in computer science, programming, or a related field
At least three-years of relevant technical security experience.
Certification through an organization such as the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, which offers the Certified Information Systems Security Professional qualification preferred.
Knowledge of PERL or other shell scripting language
Familiarity with database construction and analysis.
Security or network certification
Privacy certification such as CIPP, CIPM, or CIPT

 1.  Highly knowledgeable in TCP/IP networking, enterprise network Architecture and most importantly Enterprise Security implications of Campus IP networks.   
2. Experience in multiple Edge and Core network security Firewalls including but not exclusive to Cisco ASA, McAffee.. 
3.  Desired to have well rounded understanding of VM Ware Security controls including Hypervisor Firewall technology.   
4. Experience in troubleshooting IP networks with inline inflow Security Appliances such as Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention, WebProxy, AntiMalware sandboxing and Data Loss Prevention systems.    Lots of discrete boxes where things can require data flow analysis and IP routing  / flow control analysis.   

Location: Great Falls , Montana
Hours: 40 per week
Permanent position

Great Falls
Great Falls, Montana, rest on the high plains along the Rocky Mountain Front and is centrally located between Glacier National Park to the north and Yellowstone Park to the south. Residents thrive on our wide-open spaces, small town feel and big city services. A warm welcome awaits you in Great Falls.

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