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Power BI Data warehouse reporting

Portland, OR
Scope of work description
Design ad hoc and delivered reports for users
Migrating pre-existing paginated reports to the Data warehouse and creating a new paginated reports based on Data warehouse architecture
Design and deliver pre-configured reports and dashboards
Provide reporting templates for users and technical staff
Scope of work description
Write training guides and documentation
Provide training for technical staff and general users 
The successful Proponent will work with CUSTOMER to:
a) Understand the existing data in excel sheets from various sources;
b) Develop a comprehensive database or data warehouse architecture in order to organize the existing information and allow for future analytics;
c) Consultants must propose an architecture for the data warehouse that integrates data from all the required source systems and meet all the functional and technical requirements.
d) Provide a diagram of the database’s architecture design in step b) listing data input sources, links between datasets, reporting outputs, the contract authority reserves to right to terminate work at this step;
e) Create the database structure approved in step d) in its electronic format.
f) Populate the data warehouse Database with existing datasets; Bulk uploads from formatted excel spreadsheets, Microsoft access or SQL databases may happen a few times a year for the next 1 to 2 years, afterwards individual uploads may become more frequent, possibly a few times a day;
g) The proposed architecture must be capable of adding new data sources and new functionalities; the data warehouse and Business Intelligence software must be scalable and allow District staff to maintain and enhance post-implementation by using any data warehouse build automation tools.
h) Provide documentation, training and relevant code to maintain, update and expand data warehouse.
i) Create a user-friendly data input interface for easy updating of the database. Authorized users should have the ability to insert, update and delete information;
j) Allow for future expansion of adding attributes or relations to the existing database;
k) Build a user-friendly report builder interface to allow for simple report creation with filters on important attributes, instead of through SQL queries;
l) A project plan and cost estimate for the development and implementation of the data warehouse and Business Intelligence software shall be submitted in the proposal. The project plan and approach should be developed in accordance with the Statement of Work.
m) Provide post-engagement support options and costs.
n) Adhere to CUSTOMER Data Security Policy
IV. Qualifications/Experience
Proposers shall have the following experience:
1) The candidate has three (3) years experience with Power BI.
2) Candidate has over ten years’ experience with assisting clients in architecting and designing Data Warehouse.
3) Candidate has served as the prime Consultant in the planning, designing, and implementation of a data warehouse and business intelligence platform for at least one (1) public agency or utility of comparable size and complexity to CUSTOMER within the last 5 years.
4) The proposed Project Manager has successfully completed a data warehouse and Business Intelligence project with similar scope within the last 3 years.

Location: Portland
Rate: $55 per hour

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